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Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE
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Lead Free?

Concerned by the large number of product recalls involving lead in consumer products?  This isn't the only problem with imports.  Needak has been warning consumers for years about inferior components and workmanship found in Asian imports.  Now the rest of American business is seeing first hand the dangers of relying on Asian manufacturers. 

At Needak, we powder coat our frames with certified lead free powder paints.  The powder coating is heat sealed to the metal of the frame rendering it virtually chip resistant and completely safe for pets and small children.  These paints are so safe that the inert wastes can be landfilled with no chemical treatment or special containers.


You should also be concerned with the odors given off by Asian imports.  We frequently hear from customers about the foul odors eminating from the fabrics used on imported rebounders.  Environmental laws are virtually non-existent in parts of Asia.  Fabrics do not have to be tested for petroleum outgassing or chemical leaching.

Did you know that Vinyl products originating in Asian countrys do not use organic stabilizers.  Therefore they are actually in a state of continual decomposition.  As they break down over time, they give off decomposition products such as noxious fumes and lead.  Sometimes it seems the motto is, "What can we get away with today!" 

"Take What You Get and Don't Throw A Fit!"  Rebounder importers are at the mercy of their overseas assembly plants.  Every order can have a completely different set of suppliers contributing to the assembly.  This is why you see such variation in springs, mats, workmanship, etc. 
Thinking about our competition?  The big boys such as ReboundAIR, Cellerciser, Stamina, and Urban Rebounder originate from:


Support our domestic economy by purchasing products made at home. 
Your friends and neighbors appreciate your help.

  Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE         

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