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Compare: Needak -vs- typical imported rebounders

Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE
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Rebounder Jump Mat

Another of the major problems with the ReboundAIR® rebounders is separation of the jump mat.
Notice the fibers protruding from the edge of the mat.  To save time and money, the company/companies producing these mats cut corners and do not properly prepare the permatron prior to sewing the edge banding on the mat.  They attempt to overcome this defect by using extra lines of stitching around the edge banding.  However, once the separation has begun, it continues through the stitching until the jump mat itself begins to separate.  This also helps to explain why the ReboundAIR® "lifetime" warranty limits the purchaser to 1 replacement mat. 
In contrast, look at the clean edge of the Needak® jump mat.  Needak® mats provide years of service because extra steps are taken in the preparation of the permatron prior to sewing on the external banding and attachment points. 

Comparison Chart

ReboundAIR is a registered trademark and Ultimate-Rebound is a trademark of the American Institute of Reboundology, Orem, UT. 

Needak is a registered trademark  and Soft-Bounce is a trademark of Needak Manufacturing, O'Neill, NE.

All photographs and test results are the product of testing and examination conducted on a ReboundAIR® rebounder in June/July, 2003 by Needak Mfg.  Comparisons are made with average production rebounder test results of Needak Mfg. production line units.  All of the information is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is based on statements found in ReboundAIR® promotional materials, direct observation, and sources deemed to be reliable.  This page is provided for informational purposes only.

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  Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE         

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