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As seen on NBC's Today Show - The only rebounder built in the USA

Soft-Bounce Needak Rebounders

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The Folding Needak Soft-bounce, shown with optional frame skirt, is our most popular rebounder

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Needak also offers an optional stabilizing bar for those with balance problems.

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  NBC's Today Show 
  Dr. Morton Walker, DPM 

We are the manufacturer of the Needak® Soft-Bounce™ rebounder.  Widely recognized as the best rebounder - period.

Exploring this web-site you will find a wide selection of information on the incredible health benefits of rebounding and the American made Needak rebounder-the standard by which all rebounders are measured. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about our rebounder.




Dr. Tina Wellman, PhD, PNE 


  Brian Schwager, CMR

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Beeswax/Soywax blend
Ear Candles

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for your Needak rebounder

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