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Dr. Joseph Ventura

Hello. I'm Joseph Ventura, DC, Chiropractic Physician with 21 years experience in the field of exercise rehabilitation. In those years I've seen and used just about every type of exercise routine and devices designed to improve cardiovascular health. By far, the winner in the "benefits versus risks" category is rebounding.
When discussing aerobic exercise you must understand the difference between High Impact and Low Impact and how those differences affect the body.

High Impact Dangers

Everytime the foot hits the ground, force is generated by the impact. Some of this force travels down and out, absorbed by the shoe and the ground. Some of the force travels back upwards to be absorbed by the foot, ankles, knees, etc. The higher the impact, the more force is absorbed by the body.

While a sudden injury rarely occurs during this type of injury, microtraumas, or very slight cumulative injuries, do occur frequently. Over time these little injuries can become big problems.

The most likely place for a major problem to develop is in the cushions of major bones, the meniscus of the knees, and the disks of the spinal column.

The animation on the right shows how the bony spinal segments (vertebrae) can break down from excessive wear and tear.

Degenerative Joint Disease can occur
from repetitive high impact exercises.

The Low Impact Difference

To reduce the chance of these microtraumas developing into big problems, the goal is to focus on activities that produce high aerobic benefits and low impact forces.

By far, the best exercise routine to fit this bill is rebounding on a mini-trampoline. If done properly, virtually every major muscle in the body, especially the heart, is worked with extremely low impact to the knees and spine.

As always, consult your physician before starting any new exercise routine.

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